Love, February 2020: Day 2

I had a really bad day last year.
Well, to be honest I’ve had several over the last few months.
My Mum, my Dad, myself, the world.
All seemingly breaking down around me and I lost the will to fight anymore.
I tried to get up, tried to call out, tried to get out, but instead I cried and yelled and snarled at people on the internet and then I complained, loudly, to Beanies about my mental health.
I fired up discord and found a notification. Two. Three. Seven. Ten.
What was happening?
The maknae line had decided to cheer me up through random silliness.
Tagging me into every channel on discord; while the confused denizens of those discussions greeted me with bemusement.
“Just dropping her off here”, these comments said, as I was tagged into channels on kpop bands and other places I normally never went to.
As one did, so others joined in.
“My turn to tag her!”, the next one said as I got dropped off somewhere else.
And I sat there in my living room, my computer on my lap lighting up with notification after notification, I looked at their glorious crazy.
And I laughed.
Thank you, Beans
Love, February

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