Love, February 2020: Day 8

When I met you, I was young
But just old enough
You could be the kind of sweet that youth prefers but, as I grew older, you were able to show me different sides of you.
You matured as I did
In the beginning, not many people appreciated you like I did
I saw your worth
And now you are as popular as you deserve
Found everywhere, dressed for every occasion
You’re on trend
But for me who loved you from the beginning, I feel like you’re a secret I shared with the world
I lost nothing from everybody else’s love of you
So I’m not jealous
Just grateful to still have you by my side
Even in your new infinite variety
I can still turn to you when I need you
In summer when I need to be refreshed
In winter when I need to be warmed
In good times
In bad times

Thank you

I love you


Love, February

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